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New Jersey Learning Collaboratives (LC)

LC 1: Asthma/Pneumonia Click here for list of hospitals
• Pediatric Asthma Case Management and Home Evaluations
• Hospital-Based Educators Teach Optimal Asthma Care
• Patients Receive Recommended Care for Community-Acquired Pneumonia

LC 2: Behavioral Health/ Chemical Addiction/ Substance Abuse Click here for list of hospitals
• Electronic Self-Assessment Decision Support Tool
• Integrated Health Home for the Seriously Mentally Ill (SMI)
• Hospital-Wide Screening for Substance Use Disorder

LC 3: Cardiac Care #1 Click here for list of hospitals
• Care Transitions Intervention Model to Reduce 30-Day Readmissions for Chronic Cardiac Conditions

LC 4: Cardiac Care #2 Click here for list of hospitals
• Extensive Patient CHF-Focused Multi-Therapeutic Model
• The Congestive Heart Failure Transition Program (CHF-TP)

LC 5: Diabetes and Obesity Click here for list of hospitals
• Diabetes Group Visits for Patients and Community Education
• Improve Overall Quality of Care for Patients Diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension
• After School Obesity Program

Schedule of Learning Collaborative Meetings and Materials


October 2017 Learning Collaborative Survey

2019 Webinar Schedule

  • January 10th @ 10am
  • February 19th @ 3pm
  • March 14th @ 10am
  • April 9th @ 3pm
  • May 9th @ 10am
  • June 11th @ 3pm
  • July 11th @ 10am
  • August 13th @ 3pm
  • September 12th @ 10am
  • October 8th @ 3pm
  • November 14th @ 10am